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This course will cover the introduction topics of robotics in practice and research  including kinematics, inverse kinematics,vision, motion planning, mobile mechanisms and sensors.During the  course lab hours students will construct robots which are driven by a microcontroller, with each project reinforcing the basic principles developed in lectures. Students usually work in teams. Puma and Scara robots will be also part of the projects.This course will also expose students to some of the contemporary happenings in robotics, including current robotics research, applications, robot contests and robot web surfing.
Competitive Intelligence     Kamagezi
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BCSC Robot Learning II     Kamagezi
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acquatic robot     Kamagezi
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This acquatic robot is intended to be used for testing of water, locating fish on the sea, lake, etc. and other things that can be done on water.
The Fly     Kamagezi
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The fly is a little drone that looks and acts like a fly.
bicycle rider     Kamagezi
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This is an autonomous bicycle rider. It is also a remote-controlled rider and a voice activated rider. The rider was created to teach students how to create autonomous objects.
African bowl     Kamagezi
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African bowl
African bowls and spoons     Kamagezi
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African bowls and spoons     Kamagezi
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African gourds     Kamagezi
Echoz Africa performance 2     Kamagezi
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Live performance by Echoz Africa in Kampala, Uganda.
recorded music     Kamagezi

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Treasures are us     Kamagezi
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Africa's capital cities     Kamagezi
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