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It has been said that education in post-colonial Africa is in a state of crisis. Policies and practices from Eurocentric colonial regimes have carried over, intertwining with challenges inherent... It has been said that education in post-colonial Africa is in a state of crisis. Policies and practices from Eurocentric colonial regimes have carried over, intertwining with challenges inherent in the new political and economic climate. Leaders have done little to remedy the malfunctioning education system, and even where attempts have been made, they have overwhelmingly been shaped by commercial and capitalist interests. In New Directions in African Education, Nombuso Dlamini has gathered essays from continental African scholars who, before pursuing graduate studies in North America, had first-hand experience with the education system in post-colonial Africa. Their cross-cultural perspective has provided a unique opportunity to critically examine education in the African context and to
On the Mount a Tree     Kamagezi
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Mother please wipe your tears’. ‘How could I, uh, tell me, how? ‘Believe in yourself, the sun will rise again’. ‘No, it is enough to die. I don’t want to see it any more’. Stood here weeping, is the capital city of the country. Had it not that it was taken to wars and other unnatural things, it would have been one of the greatest in Africa. For It has treasures that could make it glitters like gold, so there is unseen beauty on its face. It stood not far away from the longest river in the world, and it was beautifully, and romantically situated near to it, by the help of Mother Nature.
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African Heritage Series, episode 4 talks about African masks and their roles in the society.
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African Heritage series showcase the cultures of Africa.
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The story of war, suffering and redemption. One day, in the evening, many families were broken apart in Melesen Republic in Africa. Families were broken apart by a war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Goats died, cows were not spared either and children were left as wailing orphans in an empty land of no men. This day marks the very beginning of a journey to an unknown place for a mother of a one-year-old suckling child. There was no husband. There were no relatives, only her and the gods of the forest. A forest covered with tall trees below the heavens. And that woman was me.
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"Rethinking Age in Africa" explores an old cultural problem in new ways: how do we deal with ageing within societies in which the young are so numerous? How do we deal with age changes and the life cycle in contemporary Africa? While biology has suggested that there is a common universal way of dealing with ageing, African societies show an enormous diversity, an extraordinary resilience and an ever-growing adaptation to social change and difficulties. Continuing the ethnographic and historical explorations previously addressed in "The Politics of Age and Gerontocracy" (AWP 1998) distinguished contributors to this volume explore the social paradigm of age in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and among African communities in Brazil. ABOUT THE AUTHORMARIO I. AGUILAR is Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He has published extensively on age in Africa, including "Being Oromo in Keny
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Slavery, Islam and Diaspora explores slavery in the context of the Muslim world through a study of the African Diaspora. The volume identifies the enslaved population as a distinct social stratum in Islamic societies and reflects on the ways Islam has been used to justify enslavement, liberate slaves, and defend the autonomy of communities. Local perceptions of Islam are shown to have strongly influenced the way people understood slavery. A cast of talented scholars provides a rich and remarkable volume on the crucial linkages between Islam and slavery in different spaces and places, as well as historical eras, doing so to enrich our understanding of slavery and identity, religion and religious memory, historical commemoration, and the complicated contours of resistance and fiercely nationalistic values.—Toyin Falola, The Nelson Mandela Professor of African History At Large ABOUT THE EDITORSBehnaz A. Mirzai, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Iranian History, Brock Unive
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Building on the UN proclamations on recognition and empowerment of people of African descent, and the renewed interest they have generated in African diaspora scholarship, this volume brings together the perspectives of experts from various disciplines on historical and contemporary challenges faced by peoples of African descendant, their survival strategies and cultural adaptations around the world. The focus on the themes of recognition, empowerment and equity highlights the experiences, struggles and contributions of peoples of African descent throughout the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and within Africa itself. The book explores historical and contemporary struggles against marginalization and demands for inclusion. It examines the extent to which these struggles have fostered recognition and empowerment for African and Afro-diasporic communities in local, regional and global contexts. This is done through the prism of several related topics—slavery and abolition, colonial
The Origin of Amharic     Kamagezi
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Bender and Fulass (1978) and Bender (1983) propose that Amharic might have originated as a pidgin. This proposal, which has its roots in oral traditions, has recently become quite popular even entering Amharic textbooks despite its lacking proper research. The book thoroughly examines this hypothesis and argues instead that Amharic is not a language created through pidgin-induced change, but a clear descendant of Semitic. Taking into consideration, historical, linguistic, cultural and chronological issues this book also demonstrates that the Semitic languages of the Horn are spoken in their home of origin.    In this new edition, each chapter has been revised in light of recent scholarship and a new chapter has been added pertaining to the diachronic grammar of Amharic. This new chapter examines the grammar of Old Amharic based on pre-17th century manuscripts. Old Amharic exhibits VSO order and has gutturals. Adjectives and relative clauses may also follow the noun that th
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John Henrik Clarke first published this definitive collection in 1974, providing outstanding background on Marcus Garvey and the Garvey movement. Beginning with an extensive introduction, this collection is presented in seven parts. Each part opens with commentary by Clarke and is followed by essays written by Garvey scholars, contemporaries and critics. Concluding each part is "Garvey in His Own Words" presenting speeches and writing by Garvey. Included are contributions by Amy Jacques Garvey, Marcus Garvey, Jr., Robert Hill, Rupert Lewis, W.E.B. DuBois and Tony Martin.This Black Classic Press edition includes a new introduction by Runoko Rashidi who places Garvey and his movement within historical and contemporary contexts and shares insight into Clarke's motivation for editing this collection.
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As a young man, scholar and historian Runoko Rashidi was inspired by traveling journalist and historian J. A. Rogers. Rogers was undefeatable in rescuing and uncovering Black history from obscure places around the world as well as in unearthing African origins among many of Europe’s historical ruling families. W. E. B. DuBois once wrote of Rogers, “No man alive has written more about the Negro.” In Rogers’ life and work, Rashidi found inspiration and pledged to travel the world much like Rogers had done, following in his footsteps and witnessing firsthand the presence of Africa around world.This book documents Rashidi’s inspired Global Journeys in Search of the African Presence.This unique travelogue records his country-by-country travels in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Russia, the Pacific and Caribbean Islands, and Central and South America. It also recounts his day-by-day encounters with people, historical markers, art, and cultural practices that bo
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In this early groundbreaking work, Edward and Josephing Carlisle explore the ancient worlds of Cush, Ethiopia, Nubia, and other kingdoms. Written in an easy-to-read narrative style, the text relies on Biblical scripture as well as numerous primary sources to recount the story of African people from a distinct African-centered perspective. Preceding the scholarship of Chiek Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef ben-Jochannan, and others, the Carlisles offer an early contribution to the study of ancient African civilizations. Historical Sketches of the Ancient Negro is a fascinating read for those wishing to explore an early chapter of lay-scholars substantiating ancient African contributions to world culture
GONE FISHIN': An Easy Rawlins novel,     Africa World Press
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In the beginning...there was Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins and Raymond "Mouse" Alexander — two young men setting out in life, hitting the road in a "borrowed" '36 Ford headed for Pariah, Texas. The volatile Mouse wants to retrieve money from his stepfather so he can marry his EttaMae. But on their steamy bayou excursion, Mouse will choose murder as a way out, while Easy's past liaison with EttaMae floats precariously in his memory. Easy and Mouse are coming of age — and everything they ever knew about friendship and about themselves is coming apart at the seams....
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"With a deep sweet Mississippi Ocean for a heart, Peter J. Harris writes in the Large. And we who eye-dive in, get our crinkly hair wet for good; there is no more going back after greeting Junior Baby. We are generously fed a rich black soup, swimming with all the caramelized parts of us, which others have touted are only scraps. But ohhhh....the right palate knows for sure. This is fine dining. Herein rise garbage-men who own chivalry. Grandiose. Generous. The real of us. The royal of Black life quilts this book, while the romance in us shivers. This is the pure stuff, that which cultures are made of. These are razor thick mapley words that we pour down the backsides of our throats, and must save up just for the keeping. And it is mango-medicine of it we have to take in--like a nasal honey, that we unequivocally should rub  around the corners of where we live--like a spinal liniment just to keep us the breathtaking folk he scripts that we are. Do whatever you need to do--as long
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Reverend Pascoe G. Hill Has left us a chilling testament. Fifty Days on Board a Slave- Vessel is his unforgettable account of life on a slave ship. Hill's narrative locks fifty days into an existence of forever. It is a forever that haunts, not from the fear of the unknown, but the fear of the known.Because of Hill and Fifty Days we can know. At the relatively safe distance of more than one hundred years away from Hill's time we know, as he did, the extended suffering of enslaved Africans. We know and hear the "shrieks of the sufferers through the gloom of night, rising above the noise of the winds and waves." We know, see and reach across generations to feel the lash of the whip-punishment meted out for daring to "steal" water. Serving as a doctor on board the ship, Hill recorded these acts and more in his journal of the voyage.It is predictable that readers will feel discomfort and pain as they read this book. It must be kept in mind that&
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This book, for the first time, provides a detailed analysis of Anioma women war-time roles during the Nigerian civil war, also called the Biafran war. Anioma, the Igbo homeland west of the River Niger, was for long absent in the accounts on the civil war; yet, the Anioma like their Igbo kith and kin east of the River Niger (who led the Biafran revolution and fought the Nigerian federal government from 1967 to 1970) were as involved militarily and otherwise as Biafrans in the confrontation with the federal government all through that period of crisis. In analyzing Anioma women war-time roles, the book draws largely on interviews with women who survived the war, some of whom were adults during the crisis and others who were children at the time. Men’s re-collections of women’s activities during the war and after were also reflected just as much as relevant information from archival materials from the federal, Anioma, and Biafran sides, both civilian and military. In addition to the focu
WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT     Africa World Press
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Women are Different is the moving story of a group of Nigerian women, from their schooldays together through the trails and tribulations of their adult lives.Through their stories we see some of the universal problems faced by women everywhere: the struggle for financial independence and a rewarding career, combined with the need to bring up a family often without a man.All this is set against the background of a developing Nigeria, from colonial times, through the Nigerian Civil War tot he present day.Once again, Flora Nwapa demonstrates her skill and compassionate insight into the problems of women in creating a book you will never forget.
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In this collection of fifteen stories, Cyprian Ekwensi brings together glimpses of city life, love, and death. In addition, he captures the tragic, commercial, and spiritual aspects of Christmas in two West African cities. This collection ranges in time from the pre-independence Africa of the 1950s to the independent Africa of the 1960s and 1970s as depicted in “Night of Freedom.” In “The Indispensable,” Ekwensi also dramatizes how human resources of the highest level are practically indispensable to development. Avid readers of Ekwensi’s writing will be able to recognize in some of this earlier collection of stories the genesis of later novels and novellas that were published in the famous African Writers Series. “The Great Beyond,” “Death of a pathologist,” “One and Eleven,” and “Bus Stop Mystery” are all seen as reminiscent of People of the City. On the other hand, the plot of Beautiful Feathers has been likened to that of “Night of Freedom,” while “Make Believe Nigh
MATIGARI: A Novel     Africa World Press
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Who is Matigari? Is he young or old? Dead or living... or even Jesus Christ? These are the questions asked by the people when a man who has survived a war for independence emerges from the mountains. Matigari is in search of his family, the rebuilding of his home and the start of a new and peaceful future. But his search becomes a quest for truth and justice as he finds the people still dispossessed and the land he loves ruled by corruption, fear, and misery. Rumor springs up that a man with superhuman powers has risen to renew the freedom struggle. The novel races towards its climax as Matigari realizes that words alone cannot defeat the enemy. He vows to use force of arms to achieve his true liberation. Lyrical and hilarious in turn, Matigari is a memorable satire on the betrayal of human ideals and on the bitter experience of post-independence African society."Ng?g? wa Thiong'o has succeeded in creating a fascinating and revolutionary concept of genre... Matigari is both a
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Lion-Man & Other Stories is a collection of short stories culled from the culture and folklore of the indigenous people of Bamunka. Bamunka is a small village with a population of approximately 76,500 located in the grass fields of the North-West Province in the Republic of Cameroon. The greater majority of the natives depend on subsistence farming, rice cultivation, fishing and the tapping of palm wine for a living. This compendium comprises bird trickster tales, animal survival stories as well as human-interest narratives. If you have never set foot in this part of Africa, these stories will take you on a safari trip around the region in less than no time. It is truly a mirror that reflects the socio-cultural life of the native inhabitants of the region. It is a pointer to the worldview and value systems of the people. Each story is an entity in itself harboring a moral. The stories deal with life yesterday, today and tomorrow. They constitute a bridge between the near and
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Adjusted Lives is a completed short story cycle which is divided into three parts, each of which contains three stories. The nine stories altogether constituting the collection propose a unified thesis: the now infamous Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) is not really a contemporary manifestation of a four-century-old phenomenon. African lives, the stories depict, have systematically been adjusted in the interest of, and by the merchants, priests, politicians, soldiers, and economists of the Western World since the seventeenth century; the only changes observable being int he external forms of the packaging, and not in the inner essence of the adjustment.Part one, subtitles The Philosophy, presents images of African lives adjusting tot he brutal realities of slavery, colonialism, and post-independence external exploitations in three respective stories. The next three stories in part two, The Heresies, oppose the philosophy of adjustment in part one with images of heroes who uphol
A TWIST OF FATE     Africa World Press
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She's back, and true to her craft, she has done it again! Robyn Williams, author of the critically-acclaimed novel, Preconceived Notions, returns with A Twist of Fate, an absolutely engaging sophomore effort. The long-awaited follow-up to her stunning debut novel, A Twist of Fate is rife with all the intrigue, drama, romance, sex and suspense one might expect. Yet it's packaged with all of the plot twists, depth of character and unpredictability that one wouldn't. Williams' already prolific writing takes a decided leap upward with this beautifully-crafted offering, rendering the reader the true winner. Terri who? Ronald E. Childs, Today's Black Woman Robyn Williams has quickly become a master at her craft. Her works shimmer with passion, glisten with insight, and compel her readers to clamor and hunger for more. She resides in Chicago where she has released her third novel, A Fool's Paradise.
A TALE OF THREE WOMEN: A NOVEL     Africa World Press
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Set in Sierra Leone, West Africa, A Tale of Three Women is epic in scope , covering a span of about sixty years and touching upon the most important developments in that country’s recent history from about 1918 to the 1970s. It encompasses events such as the worldwide influenza epidemic, the Second World War, the preparation for independence, the achievement of independence, and the post-independence malaise. But all these serve only as a background against which Eustace Palmer deftly weaves the experiences of three very different women who were originally friends at a traditional sewing school, but whose fortunes take widely different turns through their different characters and the choices they and others make. In the process the novel becomes a penetrating study of the condition of women—women whose husbands are chosen for them; women who lack opportunity for advancement in a male-dominated world; women who are exploited, abused, and betrayed by men; women who are a
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This book’s rare insight on media practice shakes conventional notions of the role and enabling environment of the modern press. "Romancing the Gun" rattles academic tradition by illustrating that Nigeria’s hard-hitting press has not only thrived better while military regimes were in power but that it actually welcomed and supported praetorian rule. This compelling book draws its energy and depth from the combination of Ndaeyo Ulo’s engaging media practice in Nigeria, and his international education and academic career in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. It exposes the chasm between the armchair media scholarship of Westerns scholars and the damning reality of the media institutions in non-western societies. "Romancing the Gun" retells the history of the press in Nigeria, and confronts some of the issues that Nigeria’s brand of journalism and the country’s debased political system had driven into oblivion. One example is the letter-bomb death of prominent Nigerian
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This book brings to the forefront of development discourse the looming, long-term impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on the sub-Saharan region. Scholars and practitioners from a range of professions assess the programmatic response to the epidemic to date and examine its impact on the development infrastructure—both human and physical. In the opening chapter, the demographic impact of AIDS, in the context of the overall impact of other diseases, is examined and how the demographic shifts attributed to the epidemic are affecting national economic development. Subsequent chapters build on this discussion and continue to offer new insights and approaches beginning with the conceptualization of AIDS as a security issue mainly due to the weakening of militaries, bureaucracies, and political institutions that in turn increase the potential for terrorism to gain ground in the region. A case study is presented in the examination of the situation in Angola where decades of civil war decimated nat
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The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave is a study of slave making. It discribes the rationale and the results of Anglo Saxon's ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship.
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Health related topics in African countries tend to be viewed negatively. With HIV infection rates soaring and health sectors ill equipped to handle the needs of the general population in most sub-Saharan African countries, there seems to be little worth celebrating in terms of health care options for Africans. Historically, Nigeria has fit well into this assessment. The essays in this book, however, do more than catalogue the failures of the Nigerian health sector. They raise practical issues about how the Nigerian health sector can and perhaps is improving the health outlook for its citizens in the twenty-first century. Through analyses of the ever-increasing integration of traditional medical beliefs and practices with modern medical methods and treatments, as well as discussions about the proliferation of private and non-governmental health institutions, popular perceptions of health and illness, and the connection between environment and health, these essays illustrate the enormity
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This collection of essays, theoretical papers and research works reflects psychology’s application to various facets of life in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Topics range from the psychology of non-Western thought processes; attitudes of the young towards the old; drug abuse among young people; workplace performance; care for the elderly to the influence of globalization on young people; public/community safety, governance and corruption. Not being a traditional discipline like law and medicine, this book also provides an interesting time line of psychology’s ontogenesis in Nigeria and how far the discipline has come along, with notations of the number of higher institutions that now offer psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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Hubert Henry Harrison's When Africa Awakes is an important collection of essays and articles written by one of America's great, but seldom notes, intellectuals. The collection, originally published in 1920, provides valuable insight on the PanAfrican world of Harrison's time and sheds considerable light on the state of the contemporary African world. Harrison used the term Africa to signify the unity of Black people throughout the world.In his lifetime, Hubert Henry Harrison (1883-1927) worked diligently toward the unity and enlightenment  of his community. A labor leader, editor, teacher, and author, Harrison is at once the contemporary social critic and the wise prophet speaking to us across generations. In the article "The New Politics," Harrison. who was an advocate for revolutionary change, calls for a political agenda with an independent Black political thrust. He provides a clear and early call for blacks to work in their own political interest.With the republicat
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This anthology, Unraveling Gender, Race and Diaspora, brings together academicians and public intellectuals in a vigorous conversation that reimagines and expands the fields of Africana, postcolonial, feminist, gender and women’s studies.  In its theorizing of the intersections of difference—gender, race, class, culture and location—within Africa and between Africa and its Diasporas, the volume offers a more global representation of the cross cultural experiences of diasporic subjects.  The volume offers critical re-assessments of dominant discourses of the diaspora and formations of the subject identities within it. By emphasizing the relevance of intra-diasporic conversations in film, literature and oral tradition, the volume comprehensively engages core concerns in black diasporic communities—memory (remembering and forgetting), space/location, time, human agency, and shifting exigencies.“Blending dynamic, interdisciplinary, transnational and
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The trauma of Nigeria's encounter with the West provides the theme for these engaging stories of village and urban life. Introduced by a fable and concluded with a lively retelling of an Igbo epic of resistance to 'The Pink Men from across the seven seas,' To Tangle With Tarzan offers Uwazurike a broad canvas for his intention." -Raymond R. Patterson
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This dazzling collection of short stories deals with some of the universal problems shared by women around the world."The heroines of Ms. Nwapa's books are strong-minded women who have economic independence and yet, suffer at the hands of unfaithful and unreliable men. her skill is in presenting her women as individuals and dealing with their special burdens," -Alison Perry, West Africa Magazine
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Shaping our Struggles Nigerian Women in History, Culture and Social Change provides a critical reconsideration of women’s position in Nigeria by exploring their historical, developmental, and socio-cultural experiences across Nigeria’s cultures. It seeks to draw new attention to still neglected aspects of women’s experiences, while suggesting that a reappraisal of women’s roles as historical actors helps to facilitate a more encompassing rethinking of their place in society and their still underestimated contribution to societal development. Their changing roles, their marginalization at different historical times, and most importantly, their resilience and resistance to the classification of women as the lower class in society is reflected in the diverse and reflective essays presented in this volume.   In analyzing a range of materials that testifies to the wide spectrum of women’s experiences in Nigeria, the essays in this collecti
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"Power, Poverty and Prayer: The Challenges of Poverty and Pluralism in African Christianity, 1960-1996" inquires into the role Christianity plays in African political and socio-economic life. Colonialism is over, but the drums of liberation are still throbbing. Christianity paved the way for colonialism, but also produced the champions of independence. What role, if any, is Christianity playing toward the Second Liberation of the continent? The author writes on a topic that is at the heart of the Second Liberation of Africa, analyzing the dialectics of power, poverty and prayer in post independence Africa in general. The book raises some key questions in modern African church history. First, from a historiographical perspective it urges that ecology and indigenous worldview are crucial for writing church history precisely because ignored indigenous knowledge holds clues to the failure of economic and political policies, and the attendant scourge of poverty. Second, it examines how var
ONE IS ENOUGH     Africa World Press
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This is the powerful and compelling story of a woman's struggle to find an independent and fulfilling life on her own. After six years of happy, though childless, marriage, Amaka, at thirty, is shattered to discover that her husband plans to take another wife-- a woman who has already borne him two sons in secret. She makes a brave decision. Rather than stay in the comfort and security of her marital home, she will go to lagos and try to make a fresh start in life.In order to become a successful and wealthy businesswoman, Amaka finds she has to use methods as corrupt as the society in which she finds herself. Then she become involved with a catholic priest...Finally, Amaka has to decide whether she has the strength to continue alone, in the face of criticism from her family and respectability, or should she decide that 'one is enough'?
NEVER AGAIN     Africa World Press
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 Written by Flora Nwapa after the Nigerian Civil War, Never Again looks at her society at the time of war and she concentrates on the importance of Biafran women in sustaining their fighting men and the society in general. She depicts the extreme demands war makes on people and the book is all about survival on a personal and national level. As a novelist critics have mainly acclaimed Ms. Nwapa for her forthrightness and honesty, whether it be dealing with the conflict between the sexes or the poisoning of social relationships in war-time." -Alison Perry, West Africa Magazine  
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The basic idea in this book is that Nigerian historians, indeed historians of Africa, have from the birth of the new African historiography seen and pursued historical studies and historical writing as part of the larger effort to create, consolidate and run modern and modernizing states in Africa. It is this larger process that Professor Adiele Afigbo refers to as statecraft. Afigbo makes the point that strictly speaking this role is not a new one in Africa. It is a revival and continuation of a process and profession which has been part of the African way of life as seen in “the older versions of history,” which we refer to today as mythys and legends, and which were constructed to shore up the states of old Africa and to create wide enough political space for the citizens of each state and society. “… The history of Africanization of knowledge cannot be written without placing Professor Afigbo at the center stage of the process.” —Adebayo Oyebade, Tennessee State University “Fro
LABYRINTHS AND PATH OF THUNDER: Poetry     Africa World Press
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There is nothing in Nigerian poetry and little in any poetry I know to surpass the haunting beauty, the mystic resonance and clarity of the final movements of the protagonist’s quest in “Distances”.
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This book of essays, co-edited by Mῖcere Gῖthae Mũgo and Herbert Ruffin II, is the latest critical volume of essays on the late Achebe, celebrating him as an iconic literature and orature genius. The essays also reflect upon ways in which Achebe’s writings and teachings, viewed as examples of “the art of resistance,” have impacted Africa, the so-called “Third World”/Global South, as well as the world at large more than fifty years since the publication of the much decorated Arrow of God.  However, although Arrow of God is the highlight of celebration at the novel’s fiftieth anniversary since publication, there is a deliberate effort to “illuminate” it within the larger contexts of not just the whole body of Achebe’s writing and especially the trilogy; but his legacy in general. Equally significant is the fact that the contributors are not limited to specialists in orature, literature, literary criticism and creat
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This volume encompasses over forty years of scholarly research on African art, both traditional and modern, by the anthropologist, Simon Ottenberg. Focus is on the arts of the Afikpo, an Igbo group in southeastern Nigeria and on Bafodea Limba of northern Sierra Leone. The essays discuss art objects and music in the context of their use in performance and ritual, and the symbolism of aesthetic forms and behavior. Stress in the writing is placed on obtaining Africans’ conceptions of their own arts blended with Western viewpoints. The writing is based on extensive research in Africa. "This two-volume collection of essays is a significant milestone in the discourse of African Studies and an insightful summation of the career of a distinguished scholar of African anthropology and art history. The books testify to the originality of Ottenberg's insights and chronicle his transformation from a young anthropologist observer to a valued member of the Afikpo-Igbo society." -Sylvester Okwunodu
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These twenty-eight essays offer a variety of critical perspectives on African literature from scholars, writers and experienced teachers of this subject. They reveal the diverse emotions and sensitivities with which Africans perceiving themselves as the target audience of African wirters, respond to contemporary African fiction. The essays are grouped under five categories. The first group under the title, Theories and Aesthetics include such definitive essays as Charles Nnolim's "Trends in the Criticism of African Literature," Eaenwa-Ohaeto's "African Critics and the Socio-Cutural Responses to African Literature: Implication for Pragmatic Criticism," Athonia Akpabio Ekpa's "Beyond Gender Warfare and Western Ideologies: African Feminism for the 21st Century," and Theodora Akachi Ezeigbo's "Feminist Literary Studies at the Unversity of Lagos
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This book is about festival performance and how it works with the cultural nexus of a patriarchal culture.  Such a culture is that of the Igbo of southeastern Nigeria and such a nexus is the mask-character or masquerade produced by clubs of privileged men. Organizers of mask performances usually operate in secret cults and their productions are usually shrouded in mystery, but this book has broken down walls of exclusion and incomprehension by unraveling the mystery of the mask performance to delineate its characteristics and engage its gender dimension.  Drawing from extensive field work, library and archival research, the book deals with many subject areas, such as oral tradition, folk drama, women and gender, cultural studies and anthropology, but its umbrella base is the festival with a focus on masking practice. Through fourteen chapters, the author delineates background and origins of Ikeji mask performance in Arochukwu, its development and migration to other areas in p
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Gender and Identity in the Works of Osonye Tess Onwueme is a seminal analysis of sixteen plays and one novel by Osonye Tess Onwueme. One of Africa’s most prolific and versatile women playwrights, Onwueme has recently extended her creative domain to prose-writing. This volume emerges as an invaluable contribution towards the controversial global discourse on gender, race relations, tradition vis-à-vis modernity, as well as multiculturalism. It demonstrates the interconnectivity of the African on the Continent and in the Diaspora, while at the same time it rewrites the feminine story in a refreshingly authentic way. Onwueme’s concern with femininity does not necessarily entail the usual process of transforming his/tory to her/story, rather, it involves a unique articulation of both inter and intra gender relations that actually calls into question hitherto/contemporary theories on femininity. Her obvious critique of these forms of associations constitutes an indictment on fe
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Reaching back to Africa for reconnection has always been important to African Americans. Alex Haley's 1976 novel, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, resulting from retracing the roots of his family to a West African village in The Gambia named Juffure, is perhaps the best known example. Other notable African American leaders who had, long before Haley, journeyed back to Africa include Edward W. Blyden, Marcus Garvey, and W. E. B. Du Bois.  Also worth mentioning among these heroes of the Back to Africa movement is William David Coleman who together with other African Americans from Ashland Kentucky migrated to Liberia and named their settlement Clay-Ashland. Their settlement was named after Henry Clay, a powerful Senator from Kentucky who advocated for a colony for free African Americans in Africa and their former Ashland home-place in America.    From Freedom to Freedomprojects a symbolic journeying back to Africa as a way to help bring healing to the deep-sea
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Christopher Okigbo (1932-1967) was one of Africa's foremost poets whose life was cut short by the Biafran civil war. This book represents a definitive re-reading of Okigbo's poetry and a foregrounding of its importance as prophecy and warning to Nigerians (nay, Africans!) and to the misrulers of Nigeria against continued national misdirection. Locating the poet squarely within communalistic traditional African poetics, in which aesthetics and social functionality are coordinate components of art, the author discusses Okigbo as a poet of destiny, whose identification with the people -- the "quadrangle" of his geometric characterology -- was total. The continuing cleavages and tension between the ethnic and the national have tended to foreclose the very possibility of ethnic-popular solidarity and nation-building in Nigeria. Okigbo's project included a sustained critical introspection, and his indignation, militancy, despair, and ultimate martyrdom do not constitute a pessimistic closure
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This new, two-volume edition of "What They Never Told You In History Class" is the first major revision in over fifteen years. It contains a wealth of new information that has never been included in any previous edition. It has now been divided into two volumes.
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...The creator is always present and always supportive in our need to be well in Body, Mind and Soul. The Most High never fails to send us guides to aid us on our return to our natural birthright, to be well. One of such guides is Diane Ciccone. Through her divine love and work with holistic foods and juices by way of the "Heal Thyself Natural Living Cookbook" we are given the opportunity to Heal Thyself.~Queen Afua
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Visions for Black Men became the lifeline that helped me go beyond the rhetoric of manhood and dared me to develop a manhood strategy. I can tell you that Visions was one of the many tools I needed to begin a journey of Manhood that has and I pray, won't ever end. For years it was my go to text when I spoke to boiys and men about self development, manhood and the strenght found in the relationships of real men.--From Foreword by Jeffrey Johnson, CEO of JIJ Comminucations-Cleveland, OhioOver the past decade, I have included Dr. Akbar's model of "males to boys, to men," in several workshops with young Black males and the teachers, parents and other adults that interact and care for them. The principles are timeless, but I am ecstatic that he is releasing New Visions to introduce the model and his insights to a new generation of Black males.--From Introduction by Rev. Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr., Morehouse College Psychology Professor, Obama Whitehouse Advisor on H.B.C.U.'s
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As historian, cultural critic, and politician, Usher offers a visionary study of Hip Hop Culture steeped in axiological clarity. At the juncture of Hip Hop's third decade and the twenty-first century's demand for practical leadership capable of deciphering puzzling trends in popular culture, Usher's approach resurrects traditional spirituality in order to guide lyricism back to its roots of linguistic function in aesthetic, communal, and political contexts of Black culture's oral tradition." —Christel N. Temple, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Author of "Literary Pan-Africanism: History, Contexts, and Criticism" "With clear-eyed focus and an insider's exhaustive knowledge of the culture, Carlton Usher picks up where Public Enemy left off. 'A Rhyme is a Terrible Thing to Waste' is essential reading for any discussion of contemporary black culture, black politics and the crossroads where the two meet." —William Jelani Cobb, author of "To The Break of Dawn: A Freestyle on the
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  Can a professional man, whose only crime is asserting his Nubian/African identity, and a refusal to be classified as “white” be persecuted, and become the subject of harassment facing financial and mental ruin? The author of this book, Dr. Mostafa Hefny, is of Egyptian, Nubian/African origin, whose self-identity and assertion that he should not be classified as a white man in United States legal and professional papers has caused him innumerable social, mental and professional harm and suffering. Dr. Hefny, who is a naturalized American citizen, came to the US in 1978 and became a U.S. citizen in 1985. He has a PhD in Education from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. He was a bilingual resource teacher with Wayne County Regional Education Service Agency for thirteen years. As a learned and proud Nubian/African, with an affirmative self-awareness, Dr. Hefny challenged a system that immediately classified him as a white man, purely because he
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Easily the most provocative book ever written about Africa by an African. For the first time, an African, like no one else is best qualified to confront the myth, the lies and the propaganda, employed by the foes of Africa, in the attempt to ridicule the continent and her peoples.
THE PROMISED KEY     Africa World Press
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African Reformation provides an overview of African initiated churches (AICs) in different parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, examining the reasons for the emergence and growth of churches that have resulted from the interaction between Christianity and African pre-Chrisitan religions. It describes the characteristics of different types of churches and the lessons they teach the universal church. Concise histories, teachings, beliefs, and practices of representative churches in different African countries and their significance for world Christianity are examined. Different kinds of AICs are discussed, from the earliest "Ethiopian" and "African" churches that emerged at the end of the nineteenth century to the later, more prolific"prophet-healing" and "spiritual" churches, the main focus, and the most recent "new Pentecostal" or "Charismatic" churches have have developed since 1970. The reasons for the emergence, development and growth of AICs in the twentieth century is considered. Much of
FROM THE BLACK CHURCHES     Africa World Press
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Man's religion is something that we cannot eliminate from his system or destroy in him; therefore, it is folly for any man to go about attacking another man's religion, because to him it is fundamental. You may be a Christian; you may be Muhamadan; that is your religion.
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This collection of essays addresses questions pertinent to the teaching of the relatively new discipline surrounding the teaching and researching of African literature. A valuable resource for both researchers, lecturers and students, it examines current practices, considers which material and writers should be studied, and considers how academic programs can be structured.
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In an intellectual climate dominated by formalistic theoretical concerns, biographical criticism may seem an unfashionable mode of academic discourse, but it is sorely needed when writers and readers hail from different countries. A text may be so completely conditioned by its indigenous environment that it cannot be adequately grasped or appreciated without some knowledge of its creator and the circumstances that prompted its creation. Biographical criticism, by studying the human face behind the text, may thus assist us in the larger task of reading our fellow man. Included among those individuals whose lives and works are examined here are Chinua Achebe, Dennis Brutus, Cyprian Ekwensi, Ngugu wa Thiong'o, Wole Soyinka, Amos Tutuola, Janheinz Jahn and Sartjee Baartman.
Zamani Goes to Market     Africa World Press
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It was cool in the early morning. The sun spread a soft light over the family compound of five huts. Zamani was wide awake. He had slept little that night; he was too excited. Today, for the first time, he would go to the market with Father and his older brothers!"This is the touching story of a young boy's first trip to the market with his father and older brothers. Zamani learns about the various items sold at the market, and how to bargain and pay for them. Zamani buys a gift for his Mother and surprises her when he returns home. Later that day Zamani receives a surprise gift as well, bring a wonderful end to hist first day at the market.
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Most books about African names have included in their discussions names used by Swahili speaking people but the present books is different. It is mostly about the personal names used by the Waswahili people and tells of the meanings these names have. The Waswahili are identified as those people who speak Kiswahili (of any dialect) as their first language and share in its culture. These comprise African people and people of African descent, of different tribal and ethnic identities, who have a common language and culture. In this book, I have included names with which I am well acquainted, some which relatives and friends have suggested to me, and some that I have come across in my reading of Swahili literature.You will find listed African indigenous Biblical and Islamic names all of which are in use in East Africa today. Many of them represent a lexicon that could be used by different people irrespective of their religion or ethnic group. Many of the religious or historical names sugge